Sandra Howgate

Sandra obtained a BA with Distinction in Conflict Resolution Studies from the University of Winnipeg in 1998. She also holds mediation certificates from Mediation UK and CMP Resolutions. She has trained with LEAP UK and Mediation Services in Winnipeg.

Upon moving to the UK in 2000, Sandra joined CMP Resolutions (formerly Conflict Management Plus Ltd.), where she worked primarily in workplace mediation and training as a certified mediator. Sandra helped clients work through harassment issues, management style differences and other workplace conflicts. Mediations were also conducted after inconclusive tribunals and investigations, mediating clients back into the work environment. She enjoyed a high success rate by allowing the participants to work through all of the ingredients of their conflict for a robust and sustainable outcome.

With CMP, Sandra led 6 day certificate training courses for both existing clients and new accounts. Sandra piloted courses for organisations, which were yet to commit to a full roll out of the programme. A notable positive pilot was with the Ministry Of Defence in the UK with senior military officers and civilian HR managers. Upon completion of the 6 day training courses, they made the decision to mandate the course for their in-house mediation program. Customs and Excise, Heathrow Airport, Hospital Trusts and Universities also decided to implement the program for in-house conflict management and training.

Sandra also coached mediators who were working toward a mediation diploma with CMP.

Further to Sandra’s extensive experience with CMP, she also worked for a community mediation service in Milton Keynes, UK where disputes ranged from noise issues to boundaries. To maximise the delivery of the training to community volunteers, Sandra refreshed the training program and delivered the new course with a sharper focus on practising skills and a greater understanding of conflict effects and responses.

Successful training starts with solid content but the best material can be quickly diminished by poor delivery. Sandra invests the time to understand the needs and context of the group, ensuring that a relevant and engaging programme is delivered.

Sandra has worked with groups in a variety of environments from the wilderness with the Canadian Outward Bound Wilderness School to the offices of the London Borough Council. She has facilitated in many different areas, from youth conflict at risk groups to neighbours who haven’t spoken in years.  She is looking forward to working with the diverse clients Ontario has to offer.