Ingrid Bron Photo

Ingrid Bron completed a graduate degree at the School of Urban and Regional Planning, Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario in 2001. She also holds an Honours degree from Queen’s in
English. Her Masters specialization was in human services planning and included research and studies in community economic development, employment and training services, international development, and social planning. She received funding through the Northern Scientific Training Program to conduct extensive research in northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories on the experiences of women working in single-industry resource communities, with a focus on assisting communities and industry in developing policies and programs to attract and retain skilled workers. After completing her thesis research, she consulted directly with industry to train management on the implementation of her findings.

For six years Ingrid worked with national Human Resource Sector Councils to promote women’s employment in trades and technology, as Director of Projects and Executive Director of WITT (Women in Trades and Technology) National Network. She directed the development and management of several national projects providing girls and young women with trades and technology training in various industry sectors, including construction and information technology. She worked closely with employers and communities in Alberta, the NWT and Newfoundland/Labrador to develop strategies to attract and retain women in large scale resource development projects and to assess the impact of industry development on women and their communities. This work culminated in the development and piloting of an employment retention project at six sites across Canada, which equipped employers and other community stakeholders with the skills to conduct planned change in the workplace. This capacity building project included training and assisting employees to carry out research in the community, conduct workplace audits and analysis, develop policies and programs, and implement changes in the workplace with the goal of increasing the retention of skilled workers. Ingrid also worked closely with Human Resources Development Canada and its labour market partners both as Executive Director and in a consultative role to conduct a Skills Gap Analysis of women in technological occupations across Canada

In 2006 Ingrid completed the Mediation Centre’s 40-hour Certificate Course on Alternative Dispute and Conflict Resolution. Her professional development work also includes training in 2008 as an Action Centre Coordinator through the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities to assist communities and displaced workers affected by major downsizing.

Ingrid maintains a consulting practice from her home in Eastern Ontario. She specializes in workplace mediation, program and policy development, research and needs analysis, and employment planning for communities.