Ron PriceRonald Price is a Professor Emeritus in the Faculty of Law at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario.

Mr. Price is a graduate in Law from the University of Toronto in 1958. He was admitted to the Bar of Alberta in 1960, following which he served with the federal Department of Justice until 1966, when he accepted an appointment at Queen’s University. In 1968, he was admitted to the Bar of Ontario. He was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 1978.

In 1973, Mr. Price established the Correctional Law Project, a clinical legal education service that still continues as part of the Law School’s Program.

Mr. Price has been Counsel in numerous cases in the Superior Courts, including eight  full appeals and nine in person Applications for Leave to Appeal (seven of them successful) in the Supreme Court of Canada, and numerous cases before the Ontario and Federal Courts of Appeal, Ontario High Court, Federal Court of Canada (Trial Division) and Supreme Court of Northwest Territories. As well, he has appeared regularly before the National Parole Board and the Lieutenant Governor’s Board of Review (now Ontario Board of Review). For several years, he served as Alternate Chair of the Psychiatric Review Board (now the Consent and Capacity Board). He is currently Alternate Chair for the Queen’s University Appeal Board, which is integrated within the University’s recently established coordinated system of Dispute Resolution Mechanisms.

In 1995, Mr. Price took on responsibility for the Alternative Dispute Resolution Course at Queen’s, teaching Mediation, Arbitration and Conflict Resolution for six years. He completed the Internal Dispute Resolution Course offered by CDR Associates of Boulder, Colorado, and in 1998 introduced an Advanced Mediation Course at Queen’s.

In the period from 1996 to 2001 Mr. Price:- became a founding member of Associates in Dispute Resolution of Kingston (ADR/K); initiated the Queen’s Small Claims Court Mediation Service; served as a Mediator for the Dispute Resolution Service of Frontenac County, a Victim-Offender Mediation Pilot Project initiated on the invitation of the Crown Attorney for Frontenac and Hastings counties; developed the Queen’s Law Student Victim-Offender Mediation Project; and organized a number of ADR instructional workshops.

In 2001, Mr. Price joined with colleagues to form The Mediation Centre of Southeastern Ontario (MCSO). See He serves as its administrative Director, and is responsible for the conduct of the Centre’s 40-hour Certificate Program on Alternative Dispute and Conflict Resolution, comprising Courses on Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Skills and Mediation Skills, offered twice per year since2001. Commencing in 2001, he has been a Roster Mediator for the Ontario Mandatory Mediation Program in both Toronto and Ottawa.

In the years from 2001, Mr. Price has served as Mediator for an extensive number of Civil Litigation cases, both through the Mandatory Mediation Program and on separate retainers. These have included cases where the matters in issue related variously to personal injury, insurance, commercial law, real property, estates and trusts, health care, employment, workplace conflict, professional negligence, and human rights. He has been brought in as a Facilitator for a number of Governmental and organizational clients in situations requiring the utilization of Third Party Neutral Conflict Resolution techniques and skills. He has also been appointed to the Roster of Independent Complaint Facilitators established jointly by the ADR Institute of Ontario and the Association of Ontario Community Care Access Centres.

As a Professor at Queen’s University, Mr. Price developed and taught Courses in:- Criminal Law; Criminal Procedure; Criminology, Law and Criminal Correction; Human Rights; Health Law; Psychiatry and the Law (Mental Health Law); Legal Ethics; and Public Law Litigation. Since 1996, his academic focus has been on Mediation and Conflict Resolution, as reflected in the ongoing MCSO Certificate Program.

In 2014, Mr. Price was appointed Integrity Commissioner for the County of Frontenac.

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