Customized Workplace Interventions

What is a Customized Workplace Intervention?

It is a solution tailored to the needs of a particular workplace that may experiencing situations that are: high intensity, volatile, longstanding, deep rooted and highly toxic.

A customized workplace intervention is a sequence of activities, actions, and events customized to the specific needs of your organization, team or group. It can involve:

  • interventions that can include process consultations, team building, or facilitating meetings with many stakeholders
  • Human Resource management interventions like goal setting, reward systems, or coaching
  • Strategic interventions that may involve change management, employee retention planning, or workplace culture change
  • Group conflict resolution

Intervention design is based on careful diagnosis of problems and issues after collecting valid and relevant information about your workplace. The components of a customized intervention range from standardized programs that have been adapted for your workplace to unique programs tailored to your specific situation.

Why Use a Workplace Intervention?

Customized workplace interventions contribute to the most optimal outcomes because they are tailored to the specific needs of the organization, group or individual and are responsive to the issues and the stakeholders.

Workplace interventions are designed to:

  • Reduce conflict between individuals or groups of people
  • Resolve specific problems arising from workplace conflict
  • Improve working relationships
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities
  • Identify strategic alignments
  • Address particular areas of organizational functioning
  • Improve performance and effectiveness
  • Increase work satisfaction
  • Improve employee retention
  • Develop an organizational capacity to prevent and resolve future conflict

Who Uses a Customized Workplace Intervention?

All organizations experience conflict, and will benefit from initiating a workplace intervention. These conflicts may arise within specific departments or teams, and between individuals or groups of people in an organization.

Our clients include:

  • Businesses
  • Organizations
  • Unions
  • Industrial workplaces
  • Not-for-profit and charitable organizations
  • Volunteer organizations
  • Small businesses
  • Public Sector Institutions such as Education and Healthcare

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Who does Customized Workplace Interventions?

Kimberly Bain

John Curtis

Meaghan Welfare

Neil Donnelly

Denise O’Brien